Dr. Tage Honore, PhD, DSc; BIO

Dr. Tage Honoré, the founder and President of Aestus Partners, LLC. is an experienced pharma and biotechnology executive, entrepreneur and pioneer with expert knowledge crossing a broad number of therapy areas.

As executive at Ferrosan A/S, Novo Nordisk A/S, Novartis Pharma Inc, Purdue Pharma LP and Aestus Therapeutics Inc. he progressed 40 products from idea-to-clinical development, three of which entered the prescription drug market.

Dr. Honoré opened a new field of research with his discovery of the AMPA Excitatory Amino Acid Receptors as well as the first antagonists, and has over 120 publications and patents in various drug related fields.

The ability to translate science to product opportunities and to integrate research, clinic, market and financial stakeholders are key to his record business achievements.

Dr. HonorĂ© has a master degree in Pharmaceutical Science, doctoral degrees in Medicinal Chemistry and Neurobiology and business training from Harvard Business School and the European Management Centre.